Praveena is the best thing happened to our son Sudharsan during his elementary years. She provided a foundational education that would transform our son, Sudharsan (Sudy) into who he is today as a successful, confident teen. Her curriculum encourages independent as well as team learning experiences, allowing the children to develop skills in all areas that are critical in further education and the work environment.

The depth and breadth of knowledge that these students under her guidance acquire and retain with this hands-on, individualized method of teaching is truly remarkable. We are so grateful to Praveena for providing our children with the skills and confidence to take risks, make mistakes, learn from them, move on and flourish! Praveena provided us a high quality education in a family-type environment, successfully preparing students for their future education, growth and development. Sudy vividly remembers his time and calls her to get her blessings before his annuals even today throughtout his middle school. We are indebted to her and she will remain part of our lives forever. Thank you, Praveena!”

Vidhya Iyengar & Gopalakrishnan Ramanujam – Parents

“Mrs. Praveena was one of the greatest teachers I have ever had. She taught me from 2nd grade to 5th grade. She gave me a very strong foundation which helped me all throughout elementary and even middle school. I was always ahead of my class because of her. She helped me get into GATE in 2nd grade. My little brother has been going to her for 2 years now and she helped him get into the ATP program. She wants the best for all of her students and is one of the kindest people I know. She is very encouraging and funny. She teaches with patience and is always willing to help. Even though I don’t go to her anymore, she still supports me!”

Anushka – Student

“Both of our sons have been students of Praveena for 6 1/2 years, from 2nd grade to 5th grade.  We credit her dedication, caring and organized lessons for enabling them both to make it into the ATP program. They both also advanced to 8th grade math when they started the 6th grade. In her math classes, she keeps the students a step ahead of the regular school curriculum which makes them well prepared for the current and following school years.  Praveena has been the best teacher we have experienced.  We highly recommend her to our friends.”

Eunice Kuwahara – Parent

Ms. Praveena is a very sweet teacher. I went to her class from 2nd grade to 5th grade for L.A. and Math. During her classes, she made sure to keep all of us engaged with the class. The tests and lessons she gave helped me a lot in school and it still helps in middle school. Her math class helped me prepare for the 5th – 6th math placement. Her hard work & dedication helped me rise to the top of my class. I love Mrs. Praveena very much and miss going to her class!”
–        Roma Vaidya – Student

“My son attended Praveena’s 4th and 5th grade math and language arts classes. He showed great improvement in a short time and ever since he has been very confident with math. Praveena always explains the concepts in a simplified fashion to every kid, which establishes the foundation right and makes the overall course easy to understand and remember for a long time. Thanks to Praveena’s guidance, my son was selected for Advance Math Program in middle school and he is enjoying it. It’s been a great achievement and progress for him. I definitely recommend Paveena’s class for other students. All the best.”

Jnanendar – Parent

“We have known Ms.Praveena for almost 9 years now.  My 2 children took Gate prep, Math and English classes with Ms.Praveena the year she started tutoring in San Ramon.  My daughter was selected for the Gate/ATP program with Ms.Praveena’ s coaching and benefited immensely from the program. Ms. Praveena is a very patient teacher with a loving heart.  My daughter adores her and was always looking forward to her classes.

She is very engaging and knows how to keep a positive learning environment in her classroom.  She encourages her students to read different genres at a very young age which helps them develop a deep love for reading. I have personally recommended Ms.Praveena to many parents and every one of them had a success story with their children. Thank you Ms.Praveena for your diligent work.  You are the best!”

Valli – Parent

“My daughter has been Ms.Praveena’s student from 2nd thru 5th grade and currently my son is her student. Ms.Praveena is very patient and has a loving environment in class so kids look forward to her classes. Ms.Praveena’s coaching has helped both my kids get into GATE/ATP program; irrespective of that, my kids have benefitted immensely from her classes. Can’t thank you enough Ms.Praveena.”

Sri & Vinay – Parents

“Ms. Praveena taught Math and ELA to both my kids from when they were in 1st grade until the end of elementary school. She not only proved to be an excellent teacher but also a great human being who understands kids’ mentality and works through their ups and downs towards their academic excellence. She’s a very smart, humble, kind, accommodating and approachable teacher. My kids are now in high school and they still remember her when they talk about certain concepts that she taught them. I would definitely recommend her to parents who are looking for a tutor for their kids’ academic excellence.”

Falguni – Parent

“I usually don’t write reviews because they are subjective experiences, but Praveena and her curriculum standards deserve a mention. The quality she delivers to children is consistently high. I’ve personally seen how dedicated Praveena is to making a positive difference in the learning experience of children. She makes good connection with kids and teaches Math and LA concepts in detail. Our son has shown remarkable progress in the last year and a half. This is a big change for us and we  are very thankful to her.”

Divya Rao – Parent

My son started going to Ms.Praveena from second grade and is now in fourth grade and a ATP student.Praveena is an inspiring teacher and presenter. She conveys her depth of knowledge in creative and engaging ways to motivate her students. She is passionate about teaching and loves what she does. Lots of strategies and collaborative learning. Great great practical ideas, lots of examples. Love the follow up emails. We are so greatful that our son got an opportunity to learn from her. Thank you Praveena for all your effort and hard work to make our son succeed personally and academically!!!!

Suganya Ramesh – Partent

“Praveena is an awesome tutor and my children have benefited a lot and grown under her guidance. I  recommend her without reservations. I love her genuine care for children, attention to detail and thoroughness in her teaching. Her program is well rounded and advanced but she exposes it gradually to children and doesn’t overwhelm them. Very good tutor!”

Poornima Sundar – Parent

“We have had our child with Praveena for a long time and have been extremely happy with her teaching. She tries very hard to bring out the best in her students and we are very pleased with the results. My daughter adores her”.

Navin Patel – Parent

” Mrs. Praveena’s structured course work, attention to detail, focus on hard work, and lots of practice was a huge factor in our daughter’s success, not just in her elementary grades, but continuing to her later school years as well. We fully attribute our daughter’s solid foundation in English grammar to Mrs. Praveena.

Our younger daughter also attended both ELA and Math classes. She derived the same benefits and enjoyed the classes very much. Mrs. Praveena’s sustained efforts and practice exams helped her qualify to skip 6th-grade math in middle school. Both our daughters miss her classes and interacting with her on a regular basis to this day. They fondly remember all the fun they had in the class over the years. Personally, we know Mrs. Praveena as a very hard working and passionate teacher who extracts the best from all her students. She comes with very high recommendations from us!”

Vaishali & Gautam Vaidya – Parents

“Our daughter has been going to Praveena’s classes for three years now and we have seen a remarkable improvement in her scores and understanding of the concepts. We find that Praveena takes education very seriously and supports well along the way. She is thorough and caters to various aptitudes in her classes while paying attention to individual needs. We are very happy with our daughter’s progress and would definitely recommend her classes for other students in the area.”

Naveen and Parul – Parents

Both my kids have been a part of her Math and ELA sessions and we are very satisfied with the progress our kids have made due to her coaching.   We like the fact that she is very organized and structured in her curriculum, stays on top of things and more importantly she is very kind and patient with the kids
 She does take the time to provide feedback and addresses any gaps promptly.  Kids are in good hands when you send them to Praveena.”
Meera Makam – Parent