I am delighted by the consistent success and accomplishments of my students:
  • Many elementary school graduates get admitted to competitive private schools during their middle school years.
  • Many of our fifth-grade graduates have been successful in the advanced placement tests in math and are placed in either seventh or eighth-grade math in sixth grade.
  • Students that chose to take the lower and middle-level ISEE tests scored in the 96-99th percentile ranges in quantitative, verbal reasoning, reading comprehension and mathematics achievement sections.
  • Fifth-grade graduates that chose to take the middle-level SSAT test scored in the 95th-99th percentile.
  • Almost all our students score in the “standard exceeded” category in math and ELA sections of the CAASPP tests.
  • Many students consistently place themselves in the gifted and ATP programs at  SRVUSD.
  • Many gain acceptance into the middle school online programs like CTY program at Johns Hopkins University and EPGY program at Stanford University due to their strong academic performance in elementary school.
  • Above all, Knowledge House graduates step into their upper grades with a solid foundation, work ethic and confidence that will help them succeed in high school and beyond.

“My son started going to Ms.Praveena from second grade and is now in fourth grade and a ATP student. Praveena is an inspiring teacher and presenter. She conveys her depth of knowledge in creative and engaging ways to motivate her students. She is passionate about teaching and loves what she does. Lots of strategies and collaborative learning. Great great practical ideas, lots of examples. Love the follow up emails. We are so greatful that our son got an opportunity to learn from her. Thank you Praveena for all your effort and hard work to make our son succeed personally and academically!!!!

Suganya – Parent