How do I know if this program is the right fit for my child?

We are fortunate to live in a community which values education highly, with children who are bright and hard working. While no single program can meet the needs of every child, during the admissions process I work closely with parents to help them understand if my programs are indeed the right fit. Please read the following to see if  you think they may be:

  •  The program’s main goal is to provide a learning home for children who need academic challenge and stimulation. If your child is an enthusiastic learner or above average, bright, or gifted, my program may be the right place for your child.
  • I work at grade level concepts at the beginning of school year, and gradually pace up to a full year or two ahead based on how much acceleration the class can handle – both in content and in pace.
  • There is an initial 4-6-week assessment period in which I thoroughly assess each child through pop quizzes, quality of their homework assignments, interest/participation in class, and standardized assessments. I give my feedback as soon as possible so that we can determine together if the program is a good fit for your child.


Class Schedule & Structure, Fees, and other Details

Each class meets once a week for 1.5 – 2 hours, depending on the grade level.  I establish the schedules within the first few weeks of the academic year after I solicit input from parents.

Fees depend on the number and duration of classes for each child. Please contact me for further details.


What grade levels do you teach?

I am a K-8th-grade teacher. Due to demand from parents of elementary school children, most years I have only been able to accept new students in the 2nd through 5th grades. Every year, depending on the availability of time slots, I teach new classes in different grades.

When are the enrollments open ? 

New Enrollments for the new academic year  is around April or May. There is always a new incoming class of second grade students every academic year.  So if your child will be in second year next year and if you think my program appeals to you,  please contact me by April or May. 

New classes in other grades also open up every year based on the availability of time slots. All parents that have interest in my program are most welcome to contact me any time during the year. I will make every effort to accommodate students that show interest.   However, If a class is full, I will add your name in an interest list that I maintain for each grade and  when spots open up,  I will always follow up with these parents. 


Will there be homework assignments after every class?

Yes. I assign homework that is an extension and integral part of the learning that goes on in class. It also provides the needed “retrieval practice” for the advanced concepts learned.

I proactively adjust the pace of my future lesson plans based on the quality of homework submissions. Class pop quizzes and chapter tests are also used to reinforce and assess children’s grasp of concepts taught in class.


Is a group class good for my child? How do I know if a specific group is a good fit for my child?

As an educator, I have developed a strong bias towards group tutoring. Small group classes help most children work collaboratively, challenge assumptions, refine the understanding of advanced concepts through discussions, and learn from a variety of different perspectives. They also help children develop their own voice and perspectives in relation to their peers.

All of these benefits help them prepare for the real world. However, if in the initial assessment period I find this small group setting is unsuitable to a child’s learning style, I advise parents on alternate pathways that might be beneficial. Since I assess each child thoroughly during the assessment period, I can recommend and assign the most appropriate class that best complements them.


Is this an after-school care center that provides “homework help” or more “enrichment worksheets”?

Short answer is No. At this point, this is not an after school care center or a place which is  for “weekly school homework help” or practice on “additional worksheets “.

This is a carefully designed, intellectually appropriate accelerated program in which every concept is taught in detail using traditional instruction methods. Children who participate in this program are those who look for academic challenge and advancement that complement and enhance their learning and work in schools.

I introduce each concept at it’s basic level and gradually step up its complexity based on the students’ ability to handle it. Classes include homework assignments and assessments conducted through chapter tests and pop quizzes. These methods help me closely monitor and accelerate each child’s academic progress.

While I am always open to helping students with any questions they may have regarding their school work, the primary goal of this program is not to ensure their weekly school homework is done. However, I will be closely monitoring the homework I assign in my classes.


Will we get feedback about our child’s progress?

Yes. Regular communications like homework submissions are done via each child’s communication sheet. I proactively call or text parents if I need to discuss concerns or issues, and I am available to talk with parents by phone on all days between 9:00 am – 12:30 pm.


Is this a crash course for GATE prep or other advanced placement tests?

Short answer is No. The primary goal of this program is to ensure that the graduates step into their upper grades with a solid foundation, work ethic and confidence that will help them succeed in high school and beyond.

It’s my strong personal belief that children’s focus should be on understanding and learning concepts that naturally align with their intellectual growth. Acing benchmarks and tests should be a byproduct of their overall learning, not an end goal.

The environment I provide inspires, nurtures, and challenges students. Success or failure in a test or two does not reflect their self worth as a student in any way. So, I do not provide quick fixes or crash courses to my students. That being said, almost all of my students experience high success in different competitive benchmarks.  This is because I design my program organically – i.e., in a sequence that includes many higher level concepts of what they are learning in math, language arts, and logic.


I have other questions. May I call or visit?

I hope you will! My phone number is 925-997-0551.