Knowledge House provides a two year-ahead accelerated program which meets and far exceeds all California state standards and Common Core State Standards.

The curriculum is :

Comprehensive : Because the elementary and middle school years are fundamental to a child’s overall development and education, I emphasize detailed instruction to achieve mastery over basic and advanced skills. This provides the necessary foundation for study in most higher level academic disciplines. Weekly homework assignments and tests reinforce the concepts learnt. Inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, and problem solving skills are infused into daily practice and encourage further depth and breadth in each subject matter.

Integrated : The Math and LA programs incorporate the best practices and advanced curriculum content that are followed in many elite US private/public schools as well as some of the renowned international standard curricula across the world.

Up-to-Date: The Math and LA programs are renewed and updated each year in order to meet and exceed the changing standards and curriculum of US private and public schools.

Challenging : Central to the academic program is the belief that students should “Rise to the Challenge” by making every effort to explore and maximize their academic abilities and interests. I believe that children can succeed, no matter their background, as long as they are offered a coherent sequence of specific knowledge and skills which build year by year. The curriculum is structured to ensure the development of these skills in efficient and engaging ways, drawing upon traditional and current instructional methodologies and philosophies.



“We have known Ms.Praveena for almost 9 years now.  My 2 children took  Math, English and logic classes with Ms.Praveena.  My daughter was selected for the Gate/ATP program with Ms.Praveena’ s coaching and benefited immensely from the program. My daughter adores her and was always looking forward to her classes.

She is very engaging and knows how to keep a positive learning environment in her classroom.  She encourages her students to read different genres at a very young age which helps them develop a deep love for reading. I have personally recommended Ms.Praveena to many parents and every one of them had a success story with their children. Thank you Ms.Praveena for your diligent work.  You are the best!”

Valli – Parent