Language Arts

Knowledge House offers a solid foundation in Language Arts through a curriculum derived from the best practices and content from elite US private and public schools. The program is designed to maximize each child’s potential to cultivate effective and thoughtful communicators, independent readers and writers.

I focus on the following areas in everyday instruction and practice:

Reading – Building critical thinking skills through pre-reading, reading comprehension, making inferences, asking questions, summarizing, comparing and contrasting, analyzing characters, and identifying cause and effect, creates an understanding of literature.

Grammar – Developing skills in spelling, punctuation, parts of speech, verb tenses and sentence types leads to better reading writing, listening and speaking.

Vocabulary – Learning multiple meanings, synonyms, antonyms, prefixes, suffixes, parts of speech, and using context clues help students broaden their oral expression, writing, and speaking skills.

Writing – Beginning with pre-writing, applying the writing process, sentence and paragraph structure, sequencing, conventions, various genres of composition, response, analysis, and creative thinking structures students’ writing.  A detailed process of creating written work is taught as our students progress, by focusing on the skills and process of writing. They learn to draft, revise, edit and proofread. By the time students graduate, they learn how to compose compelling narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive essays in their unique voice and can compare and contrast different works and apply their skills in literary analysis.


” Mrs. Praveena’s structured course work, attention to detail, focus on hard work, and lots of practice was a huge factor in our daughter’s success, not just in her elementary grades, but continuing to her later school years as well. We fully attribute our daughter’s solid foundation in English grammar to Mrs. Praveena.

Our younger daughter also attended both ELA and Math classes. She derived the same benefits and enjoyed the classes very much. Mrs. Praveena’s sustained efforts and practice exams helped her qualify to skip 6th-grade math in middle school. Both our daughters miss her classes and interacting with her on a regular basis to this day. They fondly remember all the fun they had in the class over the years. Personally, we know Mrs. Praveena as a very hard working and passionate teacher who extracts the best from all her students. She comes with very high recommendations from us!”

Vaishali & Gautam Vaidya – Parents